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cookstown Breakdown Recovery

For car owners, having breakdown cover in place is an essential, whatever the car\’s age. Breakdowns can happen at the most unexpected and inconvenient of times, so having the peace of mind that everything is covered leads to happier motoring. Moreover, the cover chosen should be 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to give the maximum protection.

The best breakdown cover provides a network of recovery vehicles all over the country and operates call centres that respond quickly to every call. Usually, waiting times are no longer than 20-30 minutes but this can depend on demand at the time and where the breakdown occurs.

All of our Technicians here at McConville Recovery have worked for 24hr breakdown companies and are time-served mechanics with a wealth of experience in analysing and diagnosing different mechanical and electrical problems across different makes and models of vehicles and so they carry with them a wealth of spares, tools and accessories to get the motorist back on the road. They are also local men, so no the roads and are able to get you back to your home or safety as fast as possible.

They’ll also be able to advise if the motorist needs to take any follow-on action with regards to their vehicle. If all else fails, breakdown technicians drive a vehicle that can get the motorist to their desired destination if their vehicle can’t be repaired and the premium a motorist pays for this comprehensive service is very low compared to the cost of breaking down when not covered by such a comprehensive breakdown contract.

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What makes us unique:

The accident management team will:

  • deal with the claim administration,
  • liaise with the driver’s insurers,
  • communicate with police where possible,
  • recover all uninsured losses,
  • protect a no-claims bonus,
  • ensure compensation for policy excesses,
  • recover certain medical expenses.

Accident & Breakdown recovery

  • Freephone UK helpline.
  • Recovery to a chosen destination if a repair can\’t be effected on the spot.
  • Emergency help for home breakdown.