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24 Hour Accident Management – Mid Ulster

When driving, accidents can happen at any time from a minor bump to a more serious collision. Typical breakdown policies include an accident management service that runs 24 hours alongside the breakdown cover. Anyone involved in a road traffic accident which will result in an insurance claim can call an emergency number and a team of accident management specialists will be able to give advice right away, regardless of who was at fault.

When you are involved in a Road Traffic Accident you can call our 24 hour accident help line (078 4242 4436) and we will attend the scene and ensure your damaged vehicle is collected at any time of day or night and all year round.

Drivers and passengers who aren’t injured and don’t need medical help will be transported to where they need to go and all personal possessions will be recovered from the scene and taken to a secure place until the driver or owner can arrange collection. If an accident occurs when the driver’s abroad, the vehicle, driver, passengers and belongings will be repatriated.
A 24 hour accident management service will deal with all administrative areas of the accident and its aftermath. As experienced professionals in this field, the team knows what steps need to be taken and when as this can often be a confusing area for the motorist involved in the accident. As well as taking up a lot of time, the process of sorting out the accident can be frustrating and traumatic for most people. Thanks to a competent and dedicated accident management service, this stressful task is taken out of the driver’s hands but they’re still consulted and kept informed every step of the way.

If a driver’s not at fault for an accident they’re involved in, an accident management service will arrange for a replacement vehicle of a similar standard to the driver’s vehicle that’s been damaged in the accident. This usually happens straight away, within 24 hours, so the driver’s not left without transport and can continue with daily life while the accident and repairs to the vehicle are in process.

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What makes us unique:

The accident management team will:

  • deal with the claim administration,
  • liaise with the driver’s insurers,
  • communicate with police where possible,
  • recover all uninsured losses,
  • protect a no-claims bonus,
  • ensure compensation for policy excesses,
  • recover certain medical expenses.